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Home Treatment for Dry Eye

…And what to do when it’s not enough!

how to treat dry eyes in Edmonton

Relief from our dry eye specialist in Edmonton

Do your eyes sting or feel scratchy? Do you constantly find yourself blinking or rubbing your irritated peepers? Along with redness and general discomfort, these are typical symptoms of dry eye. The good news is that there are some do-it-yourself remedies to bring relief at any age. And if that doesn’t work – we invite you to visit our Edmonton eye doctor for effective dry eye treatment.

The front-line defense against dry eye is to identify the specific cause. While many people share the same symptoms, the culprit behind dry eyes is highly individual. Our Edmonton dry eye specialist will use advanced diagnostics to evaluate your personal condition and customize your dry eye treatment. As a first step, we may recommend some of the following home treatments:

  • Lubricate your eyes – mild cases of dry eye are often treated effectively with over-the-counter artificial tears. Preservative-free solutions are best, as they contain minimal additives that can irritate your eyes. Generally, you can apply artificial tears as frequently as needed.
  • Cover your eyes while sleeping – if your dry eyes are due to sleeping with your eyelids slightly open, it can help to wear plastic eye shields or a special tape that holds eyelids closed while you doze.
  • Add healthy fats to your diet – a nutritional supplement with omega-3 fatty acids or fish oil can help
  • Apply warm compresses – along with eyelid massage, warm compresses can help unblock your glands and trigger tear production
  • Install a humidifier – adding moisture to a dry environment can make a big difference
  • Use an air filter – removing dust and other irritants from your atmosphere can prevent dry eye from worsening
  • Blink – blinking hard and frequently can stimulate tears to flow more smoothly
  • Drink – you need enough water in your body to ensure that your eyes are moist
  • Turn the fans away – make sure fans and a/c vents are not blowing directly in your face

When home dry eye treatments don’t help, call our Edmonton dry eye specialist

If you find that dry eyes are getting in the way of your clear and comfortable vision no matter what you do, call to schedule an appointment at Calgary Trail Vision Centre. Dr. Bruce Butts is experienced and knowledgeable about all the latest dry eye treatments and technologies. We look forward to bringing you lasting relief!
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